Luray Friends Meeting

of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)


Luray Friends Meeting invites you to join us as we continue to accept the revelations of the Inner Light into our lives. All are welcome to commune together with us, including people of all stations, creeds, races, faiths, politics, genders, orientations, affiliations, nationalities, and ages.

We are Seekers and Friends of Truth who regularly come together to share a personal spiritual experience with the support of our community of Friends, aiding each other in our endeavors and working to serve our greater community and the world at large. We hope that you will find this website helpful, and come to join us in our weekly meeting for worship, if ever you are so inclined.

"The Lord showed me, so that I did see clearly, that he did not dwell in these temples which men had commanded and set up, but in people's hearts … his people were his temple, and he dwelt in them.

- George Fox (1624-1691), founder of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

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