Seekers - Forerunners to the Quakers

George Fox - Founder of Quakerism

Public Universal Friend

Benjamin Lay - Quaker Abolitionist

Friends Journal

The Mystical Experience

George Fox and the Gnostic Gospels

SAS Journal

Early Friends and the Alchemy of Perfection 

Goldsmiths College, University of London

Boehme and the Early Quakers 

Quaker Universalist Voice

Waiting and Resting in the True Silence 

Southern Cross Review

Quakerism and Jungian Psychology

Jolly Quaker

What is ‘that-of-God in everyone’? 

Quaker Artists 

A Quaker Artists Excerpt

Virginia Places

Quakers in Virginia


The Buddha Taught Nonviolence, Not Pacifism 



"The Quakers, or Our Neighbors the Friends" 

"Quaker Strongholds" - Caroline Stephen 

"An Apology for the True Christian Divinity" - Robert Barclay 

"The Principles of the Most Ancient and Modern Philosophy" - Anne Conway (Finch) 

Quaker Organizations

QuakerSpeak - A video series focusing on the Religious Society of Friends

Vegetarian Friends - Articles and recipes by Quaker vegetarians

Quaker Universalist Voice - Website dedicated to Universalist Friends

Friends General Conference  - Articles and other resources on Quakerism - General information on Quakerism

What Canst Thou Say? - A quarterly periodical on areas of interest to Friends

Quaker Meetings

Valley Friends Meeting - A Quaker meeting in Dayton, Virginia

Homewood Friends Meeting - A Quaker meeting in Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore Yearly Meeting  - A regional yearly meeting including most of Virginia, the portion of Maryland west of the Chesapeake Bay, central Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia, and parts of West Virginia.  

Other Organizations

Mindrolling Lotus Garden - A Buddhist center in nearby Stanley, Virginia

Love Serve Remember Foundation - A website dedicated to the teachings of Neem Karoli Baba and Ram Dass.

Luray Friends Meeting Pages

Luray Friends Meeting Facebook Page